5 Easy Winter Decor Ideas For Your Family Room

These five easy winter decor ideas will transform your family room into a calm and serene haven. Learn how to style your home with these farmhouse packed winter decor tips.

white sofa with coffee table filled with decorative items in a tray.

After the abundance of holiday decor, I welcome the minimalistic approach to winter decor. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas decorations. From the tree to all the decor throughout our home. However, once Christmas Day is over, I am ready to declutter and enjoy the simplicity of winter. It is time to organize and pack away the holiday decor.

No, I am not a winter fan. I dislike being cold.

In contrast, I love to watch it snow and blanket the houses and grounds. It is one of the most beautiful sights I have the pleasure of witnessing at least once a year. It makes everything so clean. A scene I want to recreate in our family room minus the cold of course.

How can I decorate my family room for winter?

The family room is the most used room in our home aside from the kitchen. I like to make sure, this is a haven for the family. A respite from the day to day hustle and bustle. A warm and cozy room for everyone to relax in.

Declutter is the first step to any type of decorating. After all the Christmas decor is packed away, decide if there is anything left in the room that doesn’t belong in the room any longer. Maybe it’s old decor that is tired and worn out. Perhaps there are stacks of old magazines that could be donated. Or store catalogs to be recycled. Anything that doesn’t bring you joy (to quote Marie Kondo).

Check out this post on how to quickly clean your family room to get done in record time.

plant and glass bottles in a tray on a coffee table.

Try These 5 Easy Winter Decor Ideas

  1. Choose neutral and calming colors that reflect the serenity of winter.

I like to use tones of white, blue and green. These three colors represent nature in winter.

That’s how I decorated the tray on my coffee table. Using only the three colors, I picked out everyday decor items from around my house.

For example, these two green tinted vases are the perfect accents for this winter tray.

Then I added a blue candle from Bath and Bodyworks into a silver candleholder. I felt the silver candleholder was a bit of sparkle which complemented the white in my color scheme.

Next, I chose the faux boxwood plant. The white planter gives some weight to the tray.

I didn’t want to overwhelm the tray by overfilling it. There were only four items in the tray and I really like to decorate in odd numbers. So, I draped the wooden beads into and spilling out of the tray. This was just enough decor pieces.

A winter village decor on mantle.
  1. Use those bottle brush trees from your Christmas decorations.

I created a little winter village vignette in a dough bowl. Using white houses and bottle burst trees from the Target Dollar Spot. You can find lots of great inexpensive decor at Target. You should be sure to shop early in the season for the best selection. I also added in a few sprigs of frosted greenery to enhance the winter feeling.

winter decorated fireplace with chairs and sofa.
  1. Work lanterns into your winter decor.

Pretty lanterns can be purchased inexpensively from stores like Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Kirklands. They are pretty easy to fill with candles, pinecones, vase filler and faux greenery.

The two on the hearth of my fireplace contain only battery operated candles. This keeps with the simplicity of my winter decor. Try using candles that are battery operated. This will enable you to use a timer so they will turn on every evening. This add a sense of warmth to your family room.

A framed picture with a lamp, a lantern and a white sofa.
  1. Lighting plays a big part in adding warmth to your winter decor.

Add lamps to tables and console tables. Or even floor lamps if you don’t have any available table space. With the winter season, days are much shorter. We need more light to make our homes cozy and welcoming.

Put your lamps on a timer. Either with a smart plug or smart lightbulb. We use Amazon Alexa enabled lightbulbs that I have programmed to come on at sunset and turn off right before we go to bed.

I like the automatic timing of the lighting. I don’t have to go through the house turning on lights. That’s a big plus.

A family room with tables, lamps, sofa and chairs.
  1. For warmth, add mercury glass pieces.

I always go all out in decorating my mantle for Christmas. After I take down all the holiday decor, the mantle looks empty but clean. I don’t want to clutter it up, so I added just a few pieces to reflect the winter season. Such as my dough bowl filled with the winter village.

I did add small votive candles to the mantle which made it a bit fuller. These mercury glass votives from Pottery Barn are the perfect accents.

Any type of mercury glass will work in a neutral color scheme. Whether it be candle holders, vases or even a mirror. These add a touch of sparkle.

These Minimal Winter Decor Ideas Are Anything But Boring

Minimal winter decorating can be a welcome change after all the holiday celebrations.

Don’t be afraid to leave empty spaces. I think we are so used to every surface being filled with stuff that we tend to do the same with winter decor.

It is okay to have some breathing room in your home. In fact, I find it to a breath of fresh air. Pun intended.

So, go ahead and take a minimal approach and breath new life into your family room.


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