Deco Mesh Burlap Fall Wreath


Fall decorating is here!! Nothing better to welcome the season than a fall wreath. Ever since I first saw the deco mesh at a local festival, I have been fascinated with it. It has a plasticy feel but a rough texture. This makes it weather resistant. It fills the wreath form out nicely. I also tried out chalkboard paint for a sign for this wreath. How fun this stuff is. I used to think painting a wall with this paint was odd. Not now. I may have to paint a small wall just to doodle on.

burlap wreath ribbon

My supplies:
1 wire wreath form
2 rolls deco mesh ribbon burlap color
1 roll of wired burlap ribbon orange color for bow
1 piece of lightweight wood for sign. I used a poplar piece, very thin.
chalkboard paint
sponge brush

I folded the deco mesh in half and inserted it into the wreath form, pulling it up into a loop on the inner circle. Then just folded a loop into each ring of the form. Then dong the same for each section. I scrunched as many loops as I could into the form so it would be full.


I didn’t paint the wreath form before I started. The ribbon covered it up. I also fluffed out each loop so it really didn’t remain folded. This added to the fullness. I made a bow to go on top of the wreath, attaching it with more ribbon onto the form.

I painted the board with chalkboard paint, allowed it to dry overnight. Then drilled a hole on the top two corners. Using a bread twist tie, I attached the sign to the form.


I free handed the Happy Fall with orange chalk I found in the garage. This wreath could be used for any season by changing out the bow and redoing the sign. My fall wreath now hangs proudly on my front door. I am hooked. I have already made a smaller wreath with real burlap ribbon for the inside. The wreaths don’t take a lot of time. Lots of possibilities.

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  1. says

    This wreath is pretty! Thanks for linking up to the “Get Your DIY On” Link up party! Hope to see your thrifty upcycle project on Sunday! :) – April

  2. Teresa Dendy says

    I love the burlap fall wreath and the way you folded the mesh in and out of the wire wreath form. Question- how did you attach the mesh to the wire wreath and how often did you actually use something to attach it? Thanks for your help !! I really want to try to make one!!!

    • says

      I put the mesh ribbon through one of the hooks on the wreath frame, through the mesh ribbon itself. The place where the wires are attached together. That is the only place I attached the ribbon. It’s pretty stiff so it stays where you put it. It was really easy to do. You might have to make more than one though. They’re kind of addicting. Thanks so much for visiting. Have a great weekend.

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